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Claire Jeppson, PTA & Professional Pilates Instructor


Claire Jeppson founded Pilates Institute in 2003. She is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and (is a) Professional Pilates Instructor, having received her mat certification in New York City with continued training in Bethesda, Maryland for equipment certification through Professional Health & Fitness. Claire has been teaching Pilates for all ability levels since 2002, and has trained with other Pilates instructors from around the world. Her experience has developed Claire into the comprehensive instructor that she is today.
Prior to Pilates, Claire worked in the field of Physical Therapy for 10 years as a Physical Therapist Assistant at Midwest Physical Therapy & Exstrom Physical Therapy. During her last 3 years as a PTA, at Midwest, Claire taught classes in Pilates and Body Mechanics Training. She also held a position on the Midwest Spine Team, where her primary focus was using Pilates and body mechanics training to enhance education and improved spine health in her patients.

After Claire’s second son was born, she decided to step out of  the traditional setting of Physical Therapy and opened her own Pilates business, “Pilates Institute.” It was during this time that she taught in multiple venues including gyms, dance studios and also privately in clients’ homes. She was hired by Five Willows fitness & spa center as a Pilates instructor in 2005, where she taught for 2 years before taking the position of Director of Pilates in 2007.
Due to unforeseen events and a car accident, Claire decided to hang up her director’s position at Five Willows and re-launch Pilates Institute in November 2009. In Spring 2011, she resumed instruction in Pilates Equipment at Pilates Works Lincoln, before moving to her current, fully equipped and independently owned, Pilates Institute Studio.


Claire is a proud mother of two, very busy teen boys, Parker and Leighton. Both boys play premier soccer and have had the opportunity to travel not only all over the US, but also to Scotland as they were selected to play and train with the Scotland Rangers Academy.

Claire prides herself in her family and also in her work. Her number one professional desire is to help clients live full and healthy lives, and to teach them how to exercise more efficiently without risk of injury. Claire has worked with many, diverse clients including those training for the Olympics, marathon runners, dancers and athletes, plus exercise enthusiasts of all kinds. Claire is confident that she can help each client find the specific exercise program that works for them!